President Trump: “I need you on my team as an Official Wall Builder”



It has to stop!

For far too long, Democrats have chosen illegal immigrants over American citizens.

Even as I am typing this, illegal aliens are streaming over our southern border, bringing drugs and violent crime with them. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY that Democrats refuse to address.

That’s why I’m asking patriotic Americans like YOU to take a stand against Democrats dangerous OPEN BORDERS agenda.

I need you on my team as an Official Wall Builder.

Add your name to the Official Wall Builder Pledge TODAY to demand Democrats work with us to Keep America Safe. >>


Official Wall Builder Pledge

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Sign the Official Wall Builder Pledge to DEMAND Democrats start putting AMERICANS first.


While Democrats are spending all their time focusing on wacky conspiracy theories and IMPEACHMENT WITCH HUNTS, I’ve been working day and night fighting for YOU, friend.The safety of our children shouldn’t be jeopardized because of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s political games.

The wall is the ONLY way to stop the rampant flow of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border every day.

My team is going to send me a list of everyone who has signed the Official Wall Builder Pledge first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be double-checking to make sure YOUR NAME is on there.

Please add your name to the Official Wall Builder Pledge before 11:59 PM TONIGHT to get on the list of American Patriots my team is sending me tomorrow.

Thank you,

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Donald J. Trump
President of the United States